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13a.11.08.00.htm 13A.11.08.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 11 PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES Chapter 08 Workforce and Technology Center Authority: Education Article, §21-301―21-304, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.11.08.01.htm 13A.11.08.01. 01 Scope.. These regulations govern the operations of the Workforce and Technology Center, an organizational unit of the Division of Rehabilitation Services, Maryland State Department of Education, a facility which provides comprehensive rehabilitation services in support of the vocational and independent living goals of individuals with disabilities.
13a.11.08.02.htm 13A.11.08.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In these regulations, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Admission" means the date a person is formally admitted to the Center.. 2) "Admission committee" means the management team delegated final responsibility to review and approve or deny applications for admission to the Center.3) "Admission criteria" means the standards applied by the Center to determine its capacity and capability to provide the ser
13a.11.08.03.htm 13A.11.08.03. 03 Referral.. A. Referral of a person to the Center may be made by a:. 1) Division of Rehabilitation Services staff member on behalf of a client of the Division; or. 2) Representative of a public or private organization or agency when an agreement has been established between the Center and the organization or program regarding direct referral of an individual.B. The referral source shall:. 1) To the extent possible, make available to the admission office of the Ce
13a.11.08.04.htm 13A.11.08.04. 04 Admission Criteria.. A. A person may not be denied admission to the Center solely on the basis of the person's race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disabling condition, residence, or political affiliation.B. The admission committee shall comply with the Division's Order of Selection for Services policy set forth at COMAR 13A.11.01.13.C. The assigned case manager shall review the application and supporting documentation and, based upon the criteria set forth
13a.11.08.05.htm 13A.11.08.05. 05 Admission Decision and Appeal Process.. A. WTC staff shall notify the applicant and referral source of the scheduled admission. If the applicant is being denied admission, the admission committee shall respond in writing and:1) State its reasons for denial;. 2) Inform the applicant and referral source of the Client Assistance Program and appeal process; and. 3) When appropriate, provide alternative recommendations for addressing the functional limitations p
13a.11.08.06.htm 13A.11.08.06. 06 Financial Participation.. A. The Center shall apply the policies, procedures, and schedule governing participation by the client or the client's representative in the cost of services set forth in COMAR 13A.11.01.10 and .15.B. Upon admission to the Center, the client or the client's representative shall complete and sign a financial agreement which details the client's or the client's representative's responsibilities for payment, if any, for services to be provided. Th
13a.11.08.07.htm 13A.11.08.07. 07 Services.. The Center shall provide the following services, depending on the needs of the client and the individualized program of services developed with the client:A. Case management;. B. Career assessment;. C. Outpatient medical rehabilitation;. D. Assistive technology (AT). E. Employment skills training;. F. Work readiness services;. G. Worksite services;. H. Room, board, and recreation;. I. Addiction assessment and addiction counseling for clients who are enroll
13a.11.08.08.htm 13A.11.08.08. 08 Discharge Planning.. A. For clients receiving medical functional evaluations, comprehensive assessments, and employment skills training, the case manager and the client shall initiate a discharge plan upon the client's admission to the Center and document the discharge plan in the record. The case manager shall include in the discharge planning process:1) The client;. 2) Family members or others who can provide support and assistance to the client;. 3) Members of the interdi
13a.11.08.09.htm 13A.11.08.09. 09 Discharge.. A. Workforce and Technology Center staff may discharge a client from the Center under any of the following circumstances and with the active participation of the client, the client's representative, and the referral source:1) The client satisfactorily completes the rehabilitation program as presented in the client's service plan;2) The client meets the requirements for graduation from an employment skills training program;.
13a.11.08.10.htm 13A.11.08.10. 10 Disciplinary Action.. A. The Director or the Director's designee may take appropriate disciplinary action against any client who violates the Center's regulations and procedures, or whose behavior is disruptive to the operations of the Center's programs and services. The severity of the disciplinary action shall be based on the nature and scope of the client's behavior. Disciplinary action may range from imposing appropriate restrictions on the client's privileges at
13a.11.08.11.htm 13A.11.08.11. 11 Client Orientation.. A. Each client admitted to the Center shall be provided with orientation services addressing both general operations of the Center and specific matters associated with the client's enrollment into a program of services.B. The Center’s Admission Packet which includes the rules and regulations shall be presented in writing to the client during the admission process. The client or, as appropriate, the client and the client’s representative, sh
13a.11.08.12.htm 13A.11.08.12. 12 Employment Skills Training.. A. The Director shall assure that written policies and procedures are maintained relating to the planning, development, and provision of employment skills training courses. These policies and procedures shall include but not be limited to written curriculum and course descriptions which shall describe the:1) Training objectives;. 2) Performance standards against which the client's progress shall be assessed and the methods of assessment; and
13a.11.08.13.htm 13A.11.08.13. 13 Career Assessment Services.. A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are maintained relating to the planning, development, and provision of career assessment services to ensure that an array of assessment services are offered to meet the needs of the client and the referral source.B. Career assessment services shall be sufficiently comprehensive to obtain physical, intellectual, social, and work-related information necessary to identify a client's inter
13a.11.08.14.htm 13A.11.08.14. 14 Medical Services.. The Medical Director shall be responsible for planning and managing the clinical services provided by the Center in accordance with appropriate federal and State law, and regulations and standards established by accrediting organizations, including the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.
13a.11.08.15.htm 13A.11.08.15. 15 Records.. A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are developed and maintained to ensure that a confidential record, including electronic and hard copy, is established and maintained for each client admitted to the Center.B. The record for each client shall include:. 1) Case identification data;. 2) Pertinent history, diagnosis of disability, functional limitation or limitations, and goals;. 3) Reports of assessment and individual program planning;.
13a.11.08.16.htm 13A.11.08.16. 16 Protection, Use, and Release of Personal Information.. A. The Center shall apply the policies and procedures set forth in COMAR 13A.11.06 Records of Services.B. Personal information in the possession of the Center shall be used only for purposes directly connected with the planning, implementation, and management of rehabilitation services provided by the Center and the Division. The Center may obtain personal information from service providers and cooperating agencies under ass
13a.11.08.17.htm 13A.11.08.17. 17 Accreditation and Licensing.. A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are maintained to comply with licensing and accrediting standards for career assessment, employment skills training, outpatient medical rehabilitation services, and any other services or programs for which the Center has or obtains accreditation or appropriate licensing as may be required by State law and regulations or by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.
13a.11.08.18.htm 13A.11.08.18. 18 Administrative Operations.. A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are established and maintained in compliance with applicable federal, State, and local ordinances, laws, regulations, and orders as they apply to the use of facilities including, but not limited to, standards associated with health, welfare, sanitation, and safety.B. The Center shall be maintained in accordance with applicable fire code requirements set forth in State laws, regulations,
13a.11.08.9999.htm 13A.11.08.9999. Administrative History Effective date: April 16, 1990 (17:7 Md. R. 850). Regulation .01 amended effective October 1, 2001 (28:19 Md. R. 1687). Regulation .02 amended effective October 1, 2001 (28:19 Md. R. 1687) ―. Chapter revised effective August 28, 2006 (33:17 Md. R. 1438). Regulation .02B amended effective January 12, 2009 (36:1 Md. R. 23). Regulation .04E amended effective January 12, 2009 (36:1 Md. R. 23).
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