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13a.11.03.00.htm 13A.11.03.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 11 PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES Chapter 03 Independent Living Services Authority: Education Article, §21-301―21-306, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.11.03.01.htm 13A.11.03.01. 01 Scope.. This chapter implements the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, 34 CFR 76, 77, and 365, and Education Article, §21-301―21-303, Annotated Code of Maryland, which establish a program of rehabilitation services to assist transitioning students, consistent with Regulation .03A of this chapter, and adults with significant disabilities to function independently.
13a.11.03.02.htm 13A.11.03.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following words have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Applicant" means an individual who has:. a) Requested independent living services provided by the Division;. b) Completed and signed the Division's application form or provided equivalent information; and. c) Provided information necessary to initiate an assessment to determine eligibility.. 2) "Client" means an applicant for or recipient of independent living servi
13a.11.03.03.htm 13A.11.03.03. 03 Referral and Application.. A. An individual may apply for independent living services by contacting the Division directly or upon referral by individuals, organizations, public or private agencies, and other sources. Students with disabilities shall be referred by local education agencies not later than the fall semester of the next to last year before the student's anticipated exit from school.B. The individual or referral source shall, to the extent possible, make av
13a.11.03.04.htm 13A.11.03.04. 04 Eligibility.. A. The eligibility requirements shall be applied by the Division without regard to sex, race, creed, color, age, national origin, residence, physical or mental disability, or political affiliation.B. An applicant's eligibility for independent living services shall be based upon:. 1) The presence of a significant physical or mental disability;. 2) The presence of a substantial limitation in ability to function independently in family or commun
13a.11.03.05.htm 13A.11.03.05. 05 Independent Living Plan.. A. An independent living plan shall be initiated and periodically updated for each eligible individual who is provided independent living services unless the individual waives the requirement of the independent living plan in writing. If the independent living plan is waived, services to be provided shall be documented by the rehabilitation counselor in the record of services. The independent living plan shall be developed jointly by the rehabili
13a.11.03.06.htm 13A.11.03.06. 06 Independent Living Services.. Independent living services are any goods or services necessary to assist an eligible individual in becoming more independent and include:A. Independent living core services;. 1) Information and referral services,. 2) Independent living skills training,. 3) Peer counseling, including cross-disability peer counseling, and. 4) Individual and systems advocacy;. B. Evaluation of independent living potential, including diagnostic and rel
13a.11.03.07.htm 13A.11.03.07. 07 Comparable Services and Benefits.. The regulations under COMAR 13A.11.01.09 apply..
13a.11.03.08.htm 13A.11.03.08. 08 Financial Participation.. The regulations under COMAR 13A.11.01.10 apply..
13a.11.03.09.htm 13A.11.03.09. 09 Financial Participation Schedule.. The schedule under COMAR 13A.11.01.15 applies..
13a.11.03.10.htm 13A.11.03.10. 10 Accident or Injury Claims.. The regulations under COMAR 13A.11.01.11 apply..
13a.11.03.11.htm 13A.11.03.11. 11 Confidentiality and Disclosure of Records.. The regulations under COMAR 13A.11.06 apply..
13a.11.03.12.htm 13A.11.03.12. 12 Record of Services Closure.. A. The decision to close a record of services shall be made only with the full participation of the applicant or eligible individual, or, as appropriate, the individual and the individual's representative, unless the individual has refused to participate, is no longer present in the State, or cannot be located. The views of the individual or, as appropriate, the individual and the individual's representative, shall be recorded in the record of se
13a.11.03.13.htm 13A.11.03.13. 13 Payment for Services.. The provisions of COMAR 13A.11.01.16 apply..
13a.11.03.14.htm 13A.11.03.14. 14 Payment for Goods.. The provisions of COMAR 13A.11.01.17 apply..
13a.11.03.9999.htm 13A.11.03.9999. Administrative History Effective date: October 3, 1988 (15:20 Md. R. 2335). Regulation .01, Independent Living Services, repealed effective May 27, 1991 (18:10 Md. R. 1117) ―. Regulations .01―13, Independent Living Rehabilitation Services, adopted effective May 27, 1991 (18:10 Md. R. 1117)Regulation .02B amended effective February 28, 1994 (21:4 Md. R. 277). Regulation .14 adopted effective February 28, 1994 (21:4 Md. R. 277).
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