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13a.11.01.00.htm 13A.11.01.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 11 PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES Chapter 01 Vocational Rehabilitation Services Authority: Education Article, §21-301―21-306 and 21-402―21-404, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.11.01.01.htm 13A.11.01.01. 01 Scope.. This chapter implements the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, 29 U.S.C. §701 et seq. 34 CFR 361 and 363, and Education Article, §21-301―21-304, Annotated Code of Maryland, which establish a program of vocational rehabilitation services to assist transitioning students, consistent with Regulation .04A of this chapter, and adults with disabilities to become employed. Regulations .10―13 and .15―17 of this chapter are State-imposed requirements.
13a.11.01.02.htm 13A.11.01.02. 02 Purpose.. This chapter implements a Statewide comprehensive, coordinated, effective, efficient, and accountable program of vocational rehabilitation, which is:A. An integral part of the Statewide workforce investment system; and. B. Designed to assess, plan, develop, and provide vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities, consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice, so that
13a.11.01.03.htm 13A.11.01.03. 03 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following words have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Applicant" means an individual who:. a) Has requested vocational rehabilitation services provided by the Division;. b) Has completed and signed the Division's application form or provided equivalent information;. c) Has provided information necessary to initiate an assessment to determine eligibility and priority for services; and
13a.11.01.03-1.htm 13A.11.01.03-1. 03-1 Incorporation by Reference.. A. In this chapter, the following documents are incorporated by reference.. B. Documents Incorporated.. 1) Division of Rehabilitation Services Fee Schedule, Rehabilitation Services Manual V (RSM V) (Maryland State Department of Education, updated through August 2014)2) Medicare Fees (109 percent of the Baltimore metropolitan area rates) established by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, updated annually.
13a.11.01.04.htm 13A.11.01.04. 04 Referral and Application.. A. An individual may apply for vocational rehabilitation services by contacting the Division directly or upon referral by individuals, organizations, public or private agencies, and other sources. Students with disabilities shall be referred by local education agencies not later than the fall semester of the next to last year before the student's anticipated exit from school.B. The individual or referral source shall, to the extent possible, make av
13a.11.01.05.htm 13A.11.01.05. 05 Eligibility.. A. The eligibility requirements shall be applied by the Division without regard to sex, race, creed, color, age, national origin, residence, physical or mental disability, or political affiliation.B. An applicant's eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services shall be based upon:. 1) The presence of a physical or mental impairment which for the applicant constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment;2) A presumption that the
13a.11.01.06.htm 13A.11.01.06. 06 Trial Work Experiences and Extended Evaluation.. A. The Division shall:. 1) Provide vocational rehabilitation services under trial work experiences or under an extended evaluation, if the individual cannot participate in trial work, to determine vocational rehabilitation potential, if:a) The applicant meets the criterion under Regulation .05B(1) of this chapter; and. b) A determination cannot be made under Regulation .05B(2) of this chapter because of the severity o
13a.11.01.07.htm 13A.11.01.07. 07 Individualized Plan for Employment.. A. An individualized plan for employment shall be initiated and periodically updated by each eligible individual. Division staff shall advise each eligible individual who can be served under the order of selection of the options for development of the individualized plan for employment, including the availability of technical assistance from the vocational rehabilitation counselor. The individualized plan for employment s
13a.11.01.08.htm 13A.11.01.08. 08 Vocational Rehabilitation Services.. Vocational rehabilitation services are any goods or services necessary to assist an individual with a disability in preparing for, securing, retaining, or regaining an employment outcome that is consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice of the individual, including:A. An assessment for determining eligibility, priority for services, and vocational rehabilitation n
13a.11.01.09.htm 13A.11.01.09. 09 Comparable Services and Benefits.. A. Before the Division provides any vocational rehabilitation services, except those services listed in §B of this regulation, to an applicant or eligible individual or to members of that individual's family, the Division shall determine whether comparable services and benefits are available under any other program.B. This regulation does not apply to the following services:. 1) Assessment of eligibility and priority for serv
13a.11.01.10.htm 13A.11.01.10. 10 Financial Participation of the Applicant or Eligible Individual in the Cost of Services.. A. The following persons shall participate annually in the cost of vocational rehabilitation services in accordance with this regulation, except for the services listed in §B of this regulation:1) The applicant or eligible individual; and. 2) Any other person who:. a) Claims the applicant or eligible individual as a dependent for federal tax purposes; or. b) Is required to provide
13a.11.01.11.htm 13A.11.01.11. 11 Accident or Injury Claims.. If the eligible individual pursues a claim against another party arising out of an accident or injury and recovers the costs of vocational rehabilitation services provided to the individual by the Division, the individual shall agree to repay the Division the cost of those services.
13a.11.01.12.htm 13A.11.01.12. 12 Training in Institutions of Higher Education.. A. An eligible individual who requests financial assistance for training and related services in institutions of higher education shall submit an annual financial aid application to the U.S. Department of Education, Student Financial Assistance Programs, and provide the rehabilitation counselor a copy of the resulting Student Aid Report, as a condition for the provision of those services.
13a.11.01.13.htm 13A.11.01.13. 13 Order of Selection for Services.. A. Vocational rehabilitation services shall be provided based upon the availability of funds.. B. If sufficient funds are not available to provide vocational rehabilitation services to all eligible individuals, the Division shall:1) Institute an order of selection for services providing services on a priority basis to individuals in Category I, then Category II, then Category III, as follows:a) Category I: Individuals with most significant d
13a.11.01.14.htm 13A.11.01.14. 14 Closure of the Record of Services.. A. The decision to close a record of services of an applicant or eligible individual shall be made only after full consultation with the individual or, as appropriate, the individual and the individual's representative, or after giving an opportunity for this consultation, except when the individual is no longer present in the State, or cannot be located. The views of the eligible individual or, as appropriate, the indivi
13a.11.01.15.htm 13A.11.01.15. 15 Financial Participation Schedule.. Annual Amount of Individual/Family Financial Participation. Available Income. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 24,000 and below. 0. 24,001―28,000. 228. 28,001―32,000. 375. 263. 32,001―36,000. 553. 425. 36,001―40,000. 760. 616. 333. 40,001―44,000. 998. 840. 525. 44,001―48,000. 1,265. 1,093. 748. 345. 48,001―52,000. 1,563. 1,375. 1,000. 625. 52,001―56,000. 1,890. 1,688. 1,283. 878. 473. 56,001―60,000. 2,248. 2,030. 1,595. 1,160. To determine amount of in
13a.11.01.16.htm 13A.11.01.16. 16 Payment for Rehabilitation Services.. A. Preauthorization of Providers.. 1) The Division may pay a provider only if the provider has been preauthorized by the Division.. 2) Individual providers who are subject to State licensure or certification shall provide evidence of a current, valid license or certification, except in the area of specialized tutoring services for which a provider may present alternate qualifications as specified by the Division.3) Institutions of post-s
13a.11.01.17.htm 13A.11.01.17. 17 Payment for Goods.. A. Payment Procedures.. 1) Preauthorization.. a) Payment may be made only for goods that have been preauthorized and approved by the Division through a signed purchase order or by use of the Division's purchasing card.b) A provider shall be licensed or certified consistent with Regulation .16A(2) of this chapter.. 2) For purchases initiated by purchase order, the provider shall submit the invoice for goods delivered according to procedur
13a.11.01.9999.htm 13A.11.01.9999. Administrative History Effective date: April 3, 1989 (16:6 Md. R. 729). Regulation .01 amended effective September 2, 1991 (18:17 Md. R. 1919). Regulation .02B amended effective September 2, 1991 (18:17 Md. R. 1919) February 28, 1994 (21:4 Md. R. 277) August 15, 1994 (21:16 Md. R. 1388)Regulation .03C amended effective September 2, 1991 (18:17 Md. R. 1919). Regulation .04 amended effective September 2, 1991 (18:17 Md. R. 1919).
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