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13a.09.10.00.htm 13A.09.10.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 09 NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS Chapter 10 Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools and Child Care and Treatment Facilities Authority: Education Article, §2-205, 2-206, 2-206.1, 2-304, 7-301, 7-403, and 8-406; Family Law Article, Title 5, Subtitles 5 and 7; Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.09.10.01.htm 13A.09.10.01. 01 Purpose and Scope.. A. This chapter is established to set standards for issuing an approval document by the State Board of Education to an entity, excluding the federal government or any State, county, or municipal agency, or division of these, which is responsible for governing and operating a school that provides a Type I, Type II, or Type III educational program, or any combination of these, as defined in this chapter, in a facility licensed by a unit of State go
13a.09.10.02.htm 13A.09.10.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Adult basic education" means an educational program provided by a teacher to qualified students who do not meet the pre-GED program entry criteria and for whom it is anticipated that entry into a GED TESTS preparation program will be the appropriate means for earning a high school diploma.2) "ALT-MSA" means assessments designed to measure the performance of stude
13a.09.10.03.htm 13A.09.10.03. 03 Approval Documents for the Educational Program.. A. Application for Approval.. 1) The legal authority applying for approval to operate an educational program shall submit all information that the State Board considers necessary in order to ascertain compliance with the requirements of this chapter.2) The information shall be submitted in accordance with time lines established by the Department.. B. A Letter of Tentative Approval, whose validity period may not exceed 3 y
13a.09.10.04.htm 13A.09.10.04. 04 Compliance.. A. A legal authority shall comply with this chapter as the condition for maintaining an approval document issued by the State Board.B. Annual Report. A legal authority shall certify compliance with this chapter on the annual report form provided by the Department. A legal authority shall file this annual form with the Department according to the date determined by the Department.C. Open for Inspection. A school shall be open for inspection by the State
13a.09.10.05.htm 13A.09.10.05. 05 Procedures and Sanctions for Noncompliance.. A. If a school has serious areas of noncompliance or demonstrates a pattern of noncompliance with the conditions or standards on which the Certificate of Approval or Letter of Tentative Approval was based, the Department may place the school on intensive monitoring, which shall include referral to the Department's Division of Special Education /Early Intervention Services for cessation of the State share of nonpublic tuit
13a.09.10.06.htm 13A.09.10.06. 06 Certifications of Compliance.. A. The legal authority of a school shall certify that the school is in compliance with the requirements for:1) A criminal background check as specified in Family Law Article, Title 5, Subtitle 5, and Education Article, §2-206.1, Annotated Code of Maryland;2) Reporting suspected child abuse and neglect as specified in Family Law Article, Title 5, Subtitle 7, Annotated Code of Maryland; and3) Nondiscrimination based on race, color, or nati
13a.09.10.07.htm 13A.09.10.07. 07 Health, Fire Safety, and Zoning.. A. Before issuance of an approval document, a legal authority shall submit documentation on Department forms from the responsible approval or licensing authorities that verifies that the location and facilities to be used by the school are in compliance with applicable health, fire safety, and zoning regulations.B. For continued approval, a school shall maintain valid documentation of compliance with applicable health, fire safety, and
13a.09.10.08.htm 13A.09.10.08. 08 Public Relations Information.. The public relations information of a school, by whatever means provided, shall be accurate, and may not be erroneous or misleading, by actual statement, omission, or inference.
13a.09.10.09.htm 13A.09.10.09. 09 Type I Educational Program―General Requirements.. A. A Type I educational program is one or a combination of the following instructional programs provided by a school, on the grounds of the school, on a full-time basis to students who are enrolled in the instructional program of the school:1) Nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, or a consecutive sequence of these;2) Adult basic education;. 3) Pre-GED program;. 4) GED TESTS preparation program;.
13a.09.10.10.htm 13A.09.10.10. 10 Type I Educational Program―Student Records and PEP.. A. Student Records.. 1) A school shall have on file the previous student record of each student enrolled who was previously enrolled in a public or nonpublic school.2) Before enrolling a student, a school shall review the student record maintained by the school the student attended most recently to assist in determining the appropriate program placement or grade placement, or both, within the educational program.
13a.09.10.11.htm 13A.09.10.11. 11 Type I Educational Program―Behavior Management.. A. As appropriate, a school that provides general education services shall maintain a comprehensive document that includes a complete statement of the school's behavior management policies and procedures.B. The behavior management policies and procedures of a school that provides general education services shall:1) Address all aspects of behavior management policies and procedures implemented by the school;.
13a.09.10.12.htm 13A.09.10.12. 12 Type I Educational Program―Privacy Rights.. A. For the purpose of §B of this regulation, when a student becomes 18 years old, the rights accorded to and consent required of the parent of the student shall be accorded to and required only of the eligible student, consistent with Education Article, §8-412.1, Annotated Code of Maryland.B. Protecting Right of Privacy of Students.. 1) A school shall have written policies and procedures on protecting the right of privacy of student
13a.09.10.13.htm 13A.09.10.13. 13 Type I Educational Program―Instructional Materials and Equipment/Library Media Collection.. A. Instructional Materials and Equipment.. 1) A school shall maintain instructional materials and equipment of sufficient variety, quantity, and quality, and, at an appropriate range of reading levels, to implement its educational program in each curricular area for each age, grade, instructional program, or any combination of these, based on the classification of t
13a.09.10.14.htm 13A.09.10.14. 14 Type I Educational Program―Daily Schedule and Yearly Calendar.. A. Schedule of the School Day.. 1) The schedule of the school day, including the beginning and end of the school day and other important periods, shall be in writing.2) A school shall distribute annually its written schedule for the school day to the representatives of agencies placing students in the school and to the parents of students enrolled, as applicable.3) A school providing a general education program
13a.09.10.15.htm 13A.09.10.15. 15 Type I Educational Program ― Requirements for General Education Programs.. A. Nursery School, Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Secondary School Program. A school providing one or a combination of these educational programs shall implement the Maryland State Curriculum, the general education curriculum of a local school system, or both, as applicable, for each subject or area of instruction at each grade level, as specified on its approval document.B. Adult Basic Education
13a.09.10.16.htm 13A.09.10.16. 16 Type I Educational Program―Requirements for a Secondary School Program.. A. Diploma and Certificate.. 1) Publicly Funded Students.. a) A school providing a secondary school program in any one or a consecutive sequence of grades 9―12 shall offer a secondary school program that meets the requirements of COMAR 13A.03.02 for the issuance of a Maryland high school diploma.b) Beginning with students entering grade 9 in the 2005―2006 school year whose placement is paid for
13a.09.10.17.htm 13A.09.10.17. 17 Type I Educational Program ― Requirements for a Special Education Program.. A. A school shall provide special education and related services, as applicable, consistent with each student's IEP developed through the local school system's IEP team.B. A school shall provide special education and related services to include an organized program of instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and other curricular areC. A school that provides
13a.09.10.18.htm 13A.09.10.18. 18 Type I Educational Program―Personnel Requirements.. A. Administrative Head.. 1) A school shall have an administrative head responsible for the day-to-day administration of the school.2) An administrative head of a school hired on or after September 1, 2001, shall hold a bachelor's degree.B. Education Director.. 1) A school shall employ a full-time education director to be responsible for the coordination and supervision of the educational program. More than o
13a.09.10.19.htm 13A.09.10.19. 19 Type II Educational Programs.. A. In a Type II educational program, instruction shall be provided by a nonpublic school and public school either on the grounds of the nonpublic school and the grounds of the public school, or solely on the grounds of the public school, with the primary goal of integrating students into the public school instructional program to the greatest extenB. A school may provide any one or combination of the following Type II educational programs:.
13a.09.10.20.htm 13A.09.10.20. 20 Type III Educational Programs.. A. In a Type III educational program, the school shall provide a transitional instructional program to the residents of the licensed facility, not to exceed an average of 60 school days, in a facility licensed by a unit of State government.B. A school may provide any one or combination of the following Type III educational programs:. 1) Nursery school;. 2) Kindergarten or grades 1―12, or any consecutive sequence of these that c
13a.09.10.9999.htm 13A.09.10.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 28, 1986 (13:15 Md. R. 1736). Regulations .02B, .04B, C, .05C, H, .06, .07C, D, and .08C―E amended effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3137)Chapter, Educational Programs Operated by a Nonpublic Residential Juvenile or Child Care Facility, repealed effective March 29, 1993 (20:6 Md. R. 582) ―Regulations .01―11, Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools and Child Care and Treatment Facilities, adopted effective Marc
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