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13a.09.09.00.htm 13A.09.09.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 09 NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS Chapter 09 Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools Authority: Education Article, §2-102, 2-205, 2-206, 2-206.1, 2-304, 7-301, 7-302, and 7-405; Family Law Article, §5-561 and 5-704; Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.09.09.01.htm 13A.09.09.01. 01 Purpose and Scope.. A. This chapter is established for issuing a Certificate of Approval by the State Board to a legal authority, excluding the federal government or any State, county, or municipal agency or division of these, to operate an educational program in a nonpublic kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school.B. A school, except a school operated by a bona fide church organization, may not operate without a Certificate of Approval from the State Board.
13a.09.09.02.htm 13A.09.09.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Annual report" means the report a legal authority of a school is required to file each year with the Department by which the chief officer of the legal authority certifies the status of the compliance of the school with the requirements of this chapter.2) "Certificate of Approval" means the document issued by the State Board to the legal authority res
13a.09.09.03.htm 13A.09.09.03. 03 Certificate of Approval for the Educational Program.. A. The legal authority applying for a Certificate of Approval to operate an educational program shall submit all information that the State Board considers necessary in order to ascertain compliance with the requirements of this chapter. The information shall be submitted in accordance with time lines established by the Department.B. A Certificate of Approval shall be issued to a legal authority when the
13a.09.09.04.htm 13A.09.09.04. 04 Compliance.. A. A legal authority shall comply with this chapter as the condition for maintaining a Certificate of Approval issued by the State Board.B. The chief officer of the legal authority of a school shall provide all certifications and other documentation required by this chapter.C. Annual Report. Each year the chief officer of the legal authority of a school shall certify the status of the compliance of the school with this chapter by submitting the c
13a.09.09.05.htm 13A.09.09.05. 05 Statement of Purposes.. A. A school shall have a written statement of purposes.. B. A school shall give annually to the parents or legal guardians of prospective and enrolled students a copy of its written statement of purposes.
13a.09.09.06.htm 13A.09.09.06. 06 Personnel Requirements.. A. Administrative Head.. 1) A school shall have an administrative head at the school who is responsible for the day to day administration of the school.2) An individual hired as the administrative head of a school on or after June 1, 2004 at a minimum shall meet the standards established in §B(2)a) of this regulation.3) A school shall have a written position description that states the duties and responsibilities of the administrative head of the school.
13a.09.09.07.htm 13A.09.09.07. 07 Educational Program.. A. Program.. 1) The educational program of a school shall operate consistently with its statement of purposes.. 2) Based on the classification specified on the Certificate of Approval of a school, a school shall maintain at the school a written curriculum of its educational program for the following areas of instruction:a) English, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies for kindergarten and each grade; and
13a.09.09.08.htm 13A.09.09.08. 08 Student Records for Kindergartens and Elementary Schools.. A. A school shall maintain a cumulative record for each student enrolled.. B. Each student record shall include the following:. 1) School's name;. 2) School's location address;. 3) School's telephone number;. 4) Student's first, middle, and last names;. 5) Student's month, day, and year of birth;. 6) Student's home address;. 7) Month, day, and year the student initially entered;. 8) Grade upon enrollment;.
13a.09.09.09.htm 13A.09.09.09. 09 Requirements for Secondary Schools.. A. Credits Required for Graduation.. 1) Beginning with the 2004―2005 school year and thereafter, a student entering grade 9 shall earn a minimum of 21 credits for secondary school graduation.2) A school shall require 12 credits as follows:. a) Four credits in English language arts;. b) Two credits in social studies to include at least one credit in U. S. History; and. c) Six credits in science and mathematics to include at least two science c
13a.09.09.10.htm 13A.09.09.10. 10 Administrative Practices.. A. Schedule of the School Day.. 1) A school shall have a written schedule that states the beginning and end of the school day and the specific time periods during the school day when the required areas of instruction are implemented.2) A school shall give annually to parents or legal guardians of prospective and enrolled students the written schedule of its school day.B. Calendar of the School Year.. 1) A school shall have a written calendar that sta
13a.09.09.11.htm 13A.09.09.11. 11 Health, Fire Safety, and Zoning.. A. Health, Fire Safety, and Zoning Approvals. A school shall obtain and maintain documentation verifying compliance with health, fire safety, and zoning regulations applicable to a nonpublic school as follows:1) Before issuance of a Certificate of Approval, a legal authority shall submit written documentation to the Department on Department forms verifying that the location and facility where the educational program will be provid
13a.09.09.12.htm 13A.09.09.12. 12 Procedures and Sanctions for Noncompliance.. A. If a school has serious areas of noncompliance or demonstrates a pattern of noncompliance with the conditions or standards on which the Certificate of Approval was based, the Department may place the school on intensive monitoring, which may include:1) Announced and unannounced site visits;. 2) Monitoring at the Department; or. 3) Requests for documentation pertaining to requirements under this chapter.. B. Following placement on
13a.09.09.13.htm 13A.09.09.13. 13 Schools Serving Students with Special Education Needs.. Regulations for schools offering special education are found in COMAR 13A.09.10..
13a.09.09.9999.htm 13A.09.09.9999. Administrative History Effective date: March 20, 1981 (8:6 Md. R. 562). Regulation .02B amended effective August 26, 1985 (12:17 Md. R. 1707) January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3137)Regulation .03 repealed and new Regulation .03 adopted effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3137)Regulations .04B―D. .05H, .06, .07B, .08D―H, .09B, .10C, .12, .13A, and .14C amended effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3137)Regulation .11B amended effective December 31, 1984 (11:26 Md. R. 2280).
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