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13a.08.07.00.htm 13A.08.07.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 08 STUDENTS Chapter 07 Transfer of Educational Records for Children in State-Supervised Care Authority: Education Article, §2-205, 2-206, 4-122, 7-101, and 8-501―8-506, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.08.07.01.htm 13A.08.07.01. 01 Purpose.. The purpose of this chapter is to promote the education and well-being of children in State-supervised care by facilitating:A. The prompt enrollment of, placement of, and provision of appropriate services to children in State-supervised care in an appropriate public school or noncollegiate educational institution affiliated with a residential child care program or treatmeB. The prompt transfer of the educational records of children in State-supervised care..
13a.08.07.02.htm 13A.08.07.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) Child in State-Supervised Care.. a) "Child in State-supervised care" means a child who is in the custody of, committed to, or otherwise placed by a placement agency.b) "Child in State-supervised care" does not mean a child at the Charles H. Hickey, Jr. School in Baltimore County who receives an educational program pursuant to Education Article, §22-308, Annotated
13a.08.07.03.htm 13A.08.07.03. 03 General Provisions.. A. Notice of Enrollment or Imminent Enrollment.. 1) Prior to or concurrent with the placement or modification of a placement of a child in State-supervised care, a placement agency responsible for the child in State-supervised care or the placement agency's designee shall provide notice to a receiving school regarding the enrollment or imminent enrollment of the child in State-supervised care.2) The parent, education guardian, parent surrogat
13a.08.07.03-1.htm 13A.08.07.03-1. 03-1 Enrollment Process.. A. The persons authorized to enroll a child in State-supervised care in school are:. 1) A parent, as defined in Regulation .02B(6) of this chapter;. 2) A placement agency caseworker;. 3) A foster parent, even if the foster parent has not been granted limited guardianship for educational decision making;4) A formal kinship care provider;. 5) A parent surrogate;. 6) An education guardian;. 7) A residential child care program representative;.
13a.08.07.03-2.htm 13A.08.07.03-2. 03-2 Record-Sharing Process.. A. Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation .03B of this chapter, the receiving school shall request the child's educational records from the sending school.B. Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation .03C of this chapter, the sending school shall send the complete student record as described in the Maryland Student Records System Manual.C. If the sending school does not have or does not provide the records and the placement agency has
13a.08.07.03-3.htm 13A.08.07.03-3. 03-3 Post-Enrollment Educational Decision Making.. A. Definitions.. 1) In this regulation, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. 2) Terms Defined.. a) "General education decisions" means decisions involving nonspecial education services, including, but not limited to:i) Field trip authorization;. ii) Parent-teacher conferences;. iii) Signing report cards;. iv) Guidance office matters;. v) Choice of academic programs and courses;. vi) Career program choices;.
13a.08.07.03-4.htm 13A.08.07.03-4. 03-4 Coordination.. A. In order to establish direct communication channels between the local school system and the placement agency, each local school system and each placement agency shall identify a contact person to address issues of coordination, information sharing, decision making, and problem solving on behalf of children in State-supervised care.B. On or before August 15 of each year, each local superintendent shall inform the State Superintendent of Schools of the con
13a.08.07.04.htm 13A.08.07.04. 04 Dispute Resolution.. A. Each local board of education shall establish a dispute resolution process to address disputes regarding the requirements imposed and the rights set forth in this chapter.B. Each local board of education shall establish procedures to implement the dispute resolution process that set forth, at a minimum:1) The requirements for filing a request for dispute resolution;. 2) A deadline for the filing of the request; and.
13a.08.07.05.htm 13A.08.07.05. 05 Assurance.. A. Each local board of education and noncollegiate educational institution shall take reasonable measures to implement this chapter.B. Each local board of education shall certify annually in writing to the State Superintendent of Schools that:1) The local board has provided notice to:. a) Principals, teachers, and other school personnel in the school system of the requirements set forth in this chapter;b) Children in State-supervised care and responsib
13a.08.07.06.htm 13A.08.07.06. 06 School Stability.. A. Scope. Children in foster care are children in State-supervised care to whom special provisions apply under the federal Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 and under Education Article, §7-101(b)2)ii) Annotated Code of Maryland. The purpose of this regulation is to implement the educational stability requirements of those laws.B. Terms Defined. In this regulation, the following terms have the meaning indicated:.
13a.08.07.9999.htm 13A.08.07.9999. Administrative History Effective date: August 28, 2006 (33:17 Md. R. 1437). Regulation .02B amended effective June 2, 2008 (35:11 Md. R. 1042). Regulation .03-1 adopted effective June 2, 2008 (35:11 Md. R. 1042). Regulation .03-1 amended effective February 18, 2013 (40:3 Md. R. 219). Regulation .03-2 adopted effective June 2, 2008 (35:11 Md. R. 1042). Regulation .03-3 adopted effective June 2, 2008 (35:11 Md. R. 1042).
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