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13a.07.06.00.htm 13A.07.06.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 07 SCHOOL PERSONNEL Chapter 06 Programs for Professionally Certified Personnel Authority: Education Article, §2-205 and 6-704, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.07.06.01.htm 13A.07.06.01. 01 Program Approval.. A. The process for the approval of programs that prepare professionally certified personnel shall include the use of Department-approved standards. The Department shall approve standards that are performance based, reflect contemporary thinking, and are supported by research, best practice, and expert opinion. All Maryland-approved programs for teacher certification shall also include reading courses in early childhood, elementary, secondary, Pre
13a.07.06.9999.htm 13A.07.06.9999. Administrative History Effective date: March, 1969. Chapter revised effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3136). Chapter, Teacher Education Programs, repealed effective November 6, 1995 (22:22 Md. R. 1669) ―. Regulation .01, Programs for Professionally Certified Personnel, adopted effective November 6, 1995 (22:22 Md. R. 1669)Regulation .01 amended effective September 7, 1998 (25:18 Md. R. 1435). Regulation .01A amended effective October 14, 2013 (40:20 md. R. 1653).
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