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13a.07.04.00.htm 13A.07.04.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 07 SCHOOL PERSONNEL Chapter 04 Evaluation of Professionally Certificated Personnel Authority: Education Article, §2-205(b) (e) and (g) 4-205(c) and 6-202; Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.07.04.01.htm 13A.07.04.01. 01 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Evaluation" means a written appraisal of professional performance for a school year based on written criteria and procedures.2) "Professionally certificated personnel" means individuals holding a professional certificate as defined in COMAR 13A.12.01.02B.
13a.07.04.02.htm 13A.07.04.02. 02 Minimum Requirements for Evaluation of Professionally Certificated Personnel.. A. General Standards.. 1) An evaluation shall be based on written criteria established by the local board of education, including but not limited to scholarship, instructional effectiveness, management skills, professional ethics, and interpersonal relationships.2) An evaluation shall provide, at a minimum, for an overall rating..
13a.07.04.03.htm 13A.07.04.03. 03 Minimum Requirements for Observation of Professionally Certificated Personnel.. A. An observation, announced or unannounced, shall be conducted with full knowledge of the certificated individual.B. A written observation report shall be shared with the certificated individual within a reasonable period of time.C. An observation shall provide for written comments and reactions by the individual being observed, which shall be attached to the observation report.
13a.07.04.04.htm 13A.07.04.04. 04 Appeal of an Evaluation.. A. In the event of an overall rating of unsatisfactory, the local school system shall, at a minimum, provide certificated individuals with a meaningful appeal in accordance with Education Article, §4-205(c)4) Annotated Code of Maryland.B. If an observation report is a component of an unsatisfactory evaluation, the observation report may be appealed along with the unsatisfactory evaluation.C. The burden of proof is on the certificated indi
13a.07.04.9999.htm 13A.07.04.9999. Administrative History Effective date: March, 1969. Regulation .01, Professional Employees Organizations, repealed effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3136) ―Regulations .01―04 adopted effective December 5, 1994 (21:24 Md. R. 1989).
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