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13a.07.03.00.htm 13A.07.03. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 07 SCHOOL PERSONNEL Chapter 03 Professional Duties Authority: Education Article, ยง 2-205, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.07.03.01.htm 13A.07.03.01. 01 General Duties.. A. Knowledge of Regulations. Every certificated employee shall become familiar with the regulations of the State Board of Education and the regulations of the local board of education.B. Organization and Conduct of Schools. Principals and teachers shall organize and conduct their schools and classes in accordance with the programs of study prescribed by the State Board of Education and with the courses of study and regulations issued by the local board of
13a.07.03.02.htm 13A.07.03.02. 02 Attendance and Absence of Certificated Employees.. A. Notification in Case of Absence. When it is necessary for a certificated employee to be absent for any reason, the employee shall report to the local superintendent or designated official. If a teacher acts contrary to this regulation, the employee shall forfeit his or her salary for the time lost and incur such other penalty as the local board may prescribe. A substitute who was not assigned to the school by the local
13a.07.03.03.htm 13A.07.03.03. 03 Personal Conduct.. Certificated employees are prohibited from using controlled substances in any form without a doctor's prescription on the school premises.
13a.07.03.9999.htm 13A.07.03.9999. Administrative History Effective date: May 28, 1969. Chapter revised effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3135).
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