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13a.06.07.00.htm 13A.06.07.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 06 SUPPORTING PROGRAMS Chapter 07 Student Transportation Authority: Education Article, §2-205, 5-205, and 8-410, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.06.07.01.htm 13A.06.07.01. 01 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) Accident.. a) "Accident" means an occurrence or action involving a driver of a school vehicle operated by or under contract to a local school system, which results in an injury or fatality to an individual or damage to a motor vehicle or property, except as otherwise provided in 49 CFR §382.303, which is incorporated by reference, for the purpose of post-acci
13a.06.07.02.htm 13A.06.07.02. 02 Incorporation by Reference.. A. In this chapter, the most recent version of the following documents are incorporated by reference, except that the alcohol concentration limit for disqualification is 0.02 or greater.B. Documents Incorporated.. 1) U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance 49 CFR 40, Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (as amended)2) U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Moto
13a.06.07.03.htm 13A.06.07.03. 03 Program.. A. This chapter applies to the local school systems and a public residential education program under Education Article, §8-701, Annotated Code of Maryland, that provide transportation services for public school students, students with disabilities for whom transportation is provided under Education Article, §8-410, Annotated Code of Maryland, in a public school, a school maintained by a State agency, and a nonpublic school.B. A local school system
13a.06.07.04.htm 13A.06.07.04. 04 Local Supervisor of Transportation.. A local school system shall designate an individual to be responsible for the administration of the student transportation program. The supervisor of transportation designated shall have sufficient time to perform all the duties of the position as detailed in this chapter and established by the policies of a local board of education.
13a.06.07.05.htm 13A.06.07.05. 05 School Vehicle Driver Instructor.. A. General. A school vehicle driver instructor shall:. 1) Be employed by or under contract with the Board of Education;. 2) Have a high school diploma or a State high-school equivalency certificate;. 3) Meet all Motor Vehicle Administration and Department requirements for school vehicle drivers contained in Regulation .06 of this chapter, unless an exception is approved in writing by the Department;
13a.06.07.06.htm 13A.06.07.06. 06 School Vehicle Driver Trainee and School Vehicle Driver Qualifications.. A. School Vehicle Driver Trainee Qualifications. Before a school vehicle driver trainee transports a student in a school vehicle the trainee shall:1) Meet all licensing requirements of the Motor Vehicle Administration, including commercial driver's license requirements with appropriate endorsements;2) Have not more than two current points on the individual's driving record and a satisfactory past
13a.06.07.07.htm 13A.06.07.07. 07 School Vehicle Driver and Trainee Disqualifying Conditions and Termination.. A. A school vehicle driver or trainee who does not meet the qualifications of the evaluation under Regulation .06C of this chapter may be disqualified from driving a school vehicle at the discretion of the supervisor of transportation, unless the supervisor of transportation determines that retraining, instruction, or both, are satisfactorily completed.B. Disqualification for Driving Record..
13a.06.07.08.htm 13A.06.07.08. 08 School Vehicle Attendant Qualifications and Disqualifications.. A. A school vehicle attendant shall:. 1) Complete the preservice instruction under Regulation .09D(1) of this chapter;. 2) Be in good health, mature, able to discharge the duties of the position, and able to command the respect of others;3) Be able to exercise sound judgment to make appropriate decisions in emergency situations; and. 4) Complete the prescribed in-service instruction every 12 months under Reg
13a.06.07.09.htm 13A.06.07.09. 09 Alternative School Vehicle Driver Qualifications and Disqualifications.. A. An alternative school vehicle driver shall:. 1) Meet all licensing requirements of the Motor Vehicle Administration for a Class A or Class M vehicle respectively;2) Have not more than two current points on the individual’s driving record and a satisfactory past driving record as determined by the local supervisor of transportation;3) Be 21 years old or older;. 4) Be in good health, mat
13a.06.07.10.htm 13A.06.07.10. 10 Instructional Content Requirements.. A. Preservice Instruction for School Vehicle Drivers.. 1) A trainee shall satisfactorily complete a minimum of 8 hours of classroom instruction in the core units of the school bus driver instructional program developed by the Department, including:a) First aid;. b) Railroad grade crossing safety; and. c) Bridge crossing safety.. 2) All or a portion of the classroom instruction required under §A(1) of this regulation may be waiv
13a.06.07.11.htm 13A.06.07.11. 11 Alcohol and Controlled Substances Use and Testing.. A. Testing Program Required.. 1) A local school system shall implement an alcohol and controlled substances testing program for all school vehicle drivers, or shall certify to the Department that all school vehicle drivers are participating in an alcohol and controlled substances testing program.2) The testing program shall meet the standards established in 49 CFR 40 and 382, which are incorporated by reference by this
13a.06.07.12.htm 13A.06.07.12. 12 General Standards.. A. A school vehicle or school charter vehicle may not be used to transport students unless a vehicle acceptance sheet as required by the Department has been completed by the supervisor of transportation and is on file in the local transportation office.B. Type I or Type II school vehicles shall be used to transport students to and from school and school related activities when local school system sponsored transportation services are provided.
13a.06.07.13.htm 13A.06.07.13. 13 Vehicle Inspections.. A. Three safety inspections and a preventive maintenance inspection shall be conducted on each public school vehicle annually in accordance with Motor Vehicle Administration regulations and inspection standards.B. The supervisor of transportation or the Department's Chief of Pupil Transportation may require additional inspections of individual vehicles at any time.
13a.06.07.14.htm 13A.06.07.14. 14 Routing and Operating Procedures.. A. The prime consideration is the safety of riders.. B. Requirement for Stops.. 1) Stops should be approximately 1/4 mile apart. This does not apply to routes exclusively designated for students with disabilities.2) On-roadway stops shall be on the travel portion of the highway, not to include the shoulder, using the eight-light safety system.3) Stops shall be located, if possible, to maximize the visibility of the stopped school vehicle for
13a.06.07.15.htm 13A.06.07.15. 15 School Vehicle Loading Zones.. A. Loading zones shall be approved by the local superintendent of schools, the Maryland State Police, or the local police department, in cooperation with the State Highway Administration.B. Types of Loading Zones.. 1) On-Roadway Loading Zones.. a) The location of the loading zone shall be on the travel portion of the roadway.. b) The eight-light safety system shall be used during the execution of on-roadway loading.. 2) On-Highway Loading Zones..
13a.06.07.16.htm 13A.06.07.16. 16 Reporting Requirements.. A. Accident Reporting. By September 1 of each year, the supervisor of transportation shall submit a report through the Department's electronic reporting system for each school vehicle accident occurring during the previous fiscal year, for both publicly owned and contract vehicles. Only accidents that involve personal injury or appreciable damage shall be reported to the Department.B. Number of Students Transported. By November 30
13a.06.07.17.htm 13A.06.07.17. 17 Railroad and Bridge Crossing Evaluation.. A. The supervisor of transportation shall consult with a county or State highway administrator to ensure that grade-level railroad crossings and bridge crossings are reviewed annually. This shall be done prior to the beginning of each school year.B. Evidence that a review of grade-level railroad and bridge crossings has been conducted shall be maintained in the transportation office of the local school system.
13a.06.07.18.htm 13A.06.07.18. 18 Taxicab Drivers Transporting Students with Disabilities.. A. Taxicab drivers involved in transporting students with disabilities to nonpublic special education facilities shall:1) Meet all licensing requirements of the Motor Vehicle Administration;. 2) Pass the annual physical examination required by the Motor Vehicle Administration for school vehicle drivers;3) Have no evidence of a criminal history which in the opinion of the supervisor of transportation m
13a.06.07.19.htm 13A.06.07.19. 19 Transportation Grant for Increased Ridership of Students with Disabilities.. A. Grants for the transportation of students with disabilities in the amount specified in Education Article, §5-205, Annotated Code of Maryland, shall be distributed on a bimonthly basis.B. The disabled student transportation grant shall be distributed to each local board of education. The amount of the grant shall be based upon the number of disabled students requiring special transp
13a.06.07.20.htm 13A.06.07.20. 20 Exceptions.. A. The State Superintendent of Schools may make an exception to this chapter under emergency conditions if compliance with this chapter may make the operation of student transportation impossible or unsafe due to an act of God, strike, rebellion, or other unforeseen disturbance.B. An exception granted by the State Superintendent of Schools shall remain in effect only until the next regular meeting of the State Board of Education.
13a.06.07.21.htm 13A.06.07.21. 21 School Vehicle ― Length of Operation.. A. Unless it is a transit style school vehicle placed into operation before July 1, 2004, or it was under contract before July 1, 2004 to be purchased, a school vehicle may not be used for more than 12 years, unless the conditions for its extended use are satisfied under Education Article, §7-804(b) Annotated Code of Maryland, or it is specifically exempted by statute.B. A school vehicle may not be used at any time to
13a.06.07.22.htm 13A.06.07.22. 22 Appeals.. A school vehicle driver or attendant who has exhausted the local school system appeal process, may appeal to the State Board of Education under COMAR 13A.01.05.
13a.06.07.9999.htm 13A.06.07.9999. Administrative History Effective date: October 29, 1975 (2:24 Md. R. 1482). Chapter revised effective August 4, 1976 (3:16 Md. R. 854). Regulations .01A, .03F, .04E, J, K, L, .05, and .06 amended effective August 3, 1977 (4:16 Md. R. 1214)Chapter revised effective December 29, 1978 (5:26 Md. R. 1927). Regulation .01B amended effective February 20, 1981 (8:4 Md. R. 344). Regulation .01D amended effective October 31, 1980 (7:22 Md. R. 2075) ―.
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