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13a.05.05.00.htm 13A.05.05.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 05 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS Chapter 05 Programs of Pupil Services Authority: Education Article, §2-205(b) and (c) 7-401―7-404, 7-409, and 7-426, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.05.05.01.htm 13A.05.05.01. 01 General Requirements.. A. Each local school system shall provide a coordinated program of pupil services for all students which shall include but not be limited to:1) School counseling;. 2) Pupil personnel;. 3) School psychology; and. 4) Health services.. B. The Pupil Services Program shall focus on the health, personal, interpersonal, academic, and career development of students.C. Each local school system shall develop and implement a plan to determine the Pupil Services Progr
13a.05.05.02.htm 13A.05.05.02. 02 School Counseling Program.. A. The School Counseling Program is a coordinated data driven program of counseling, consulting, and informational services for students in grades K―12 that:1) Promotes student academic success and well-being;. 2) Enhances awareness of mental health and promotes positive, healthy behaviors;. 3) Provides school-based prevention and universal and targeted interventions for students with mental health and behavioral health concerns;
13a.05.05.03.htm 13A.05.05.03. 03 Pupil Personnel Program.. A. The Pupil Personnel Program is a systematic approach to programs and services that use the resources of the home, school, and community to enhance the social adjustment of students. These programs are designed to address a student's academic, personal, and physical needs by providing comprehensive casework management.B. Pupil Personnel Program interventions to meet a student's needs may include:. 1) Consultation with school staff and parents;.
13a.05.05.04.htm 13A.05.05.04. 04 School Psychology Program.. A. The School Psychology Program is a comprehensive and integrated continuum of services and activities regarding the delivery of school psychological services.The goal of the program is to provide direct educational, behavioral, and mental health services for children and youth, as well as work with families, school administrators, educators, and other professionals to create supportive learning and social environments for all students.
13a.05.05.05.htm 13A.05.05.05. 05 School Health Services Standards ― Introductions.. In accordance with Education Article, §7-401, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health have developed jointly public standards and guidelines for school health programs. The law further provides that the Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health shall offer assistance to the local boards of education and local health departments in the implementation
13a.05.05.06.htm 13A.05.05.06. 06 School Health Services Standards ― Definitions.. A. In Regulations .05―15, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Communicable disease control" means the prevention, investigation, limitation, and eradication of diseases caused by infectious agents and usually spread from person to person.2) "Designated school health services professional" means a physician, certified nurse practitioner, or registered nurse, or all of these, with experi
13a.05.05.07.htm 13A.05.05.07. 07 School Health Services Standards ― For All Students.. A. Physical Examination.. 1) A physical examination is required of each child entering the Maryland public school system for the first time. The examination shall be completed within the period of 9 months before entrance or 6 months after entrance. The physical examination form designated by the Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health shall be used to meet this requirement.
13a.05.05.08.htm 13A.05.05.08. 08 School Health Services Standards ― For All Students with Special Health Needs.. A. A local board of education, in conjunction with the local health department, shall formulate written policies ensuring the provision of school health services to students with special health needs.B. A student with special health needs that may require particular attention during the school day shall have a statement of those health needs and a nursing care plan for emergency and routine care p
13a.05.05.09.htm 13A.05.05.09. 09 School Health Services Standards ― Emergency Services.. A. Personnel Qualifications. At least one adult in each school, other than the designated school health services professional and the school health services aide, shall be currently certified both in the First Aid Program of the American National Red Cross or its equivalent, and in adult or pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or both. One certified person shall be available on site during the regular school day
13a.05.05.10.htm 13A.05.05.10. 10 School Health Services Standards ― Health Facilities.. A. Health Suite.. 1) School buildings constructed or renovated and occupied after January 1, 1993 shall provide a handicapped-accessible space that, at a minimum, includes space for waiting, examination and treatment, storage, and resting. There shall be a separate room for private consultation and for use as a designated school health services professional's office. Toilets, a lavatory, and a telephone shall be in
13a.05.05.11.htm 13A.05.05.11. 11 School Health Services Standards ― Staff Development.. The local board of education and local health department shall jointly develop and annually implement an in-service training plan that includes:A. Orientation to the school health services program for all school personnel;. B. Training in the care and prevention of athletic injuries for all coaches;. C. Training in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for school personnel; and. D. Specific health progra
13a.05.05.12.htm 13A.05.05.12. 12 School Health Services Standards ― Dissemination of School Health Services Information.. At the beginning of each school year, all parents/guardians and students shall be informed of the school health services program. The information shall include but not be limited to staffing, emergency care, medications, and communicable diseases, and be specific to that school's health services program. The information shall be updated as necessary.
13a.05.05.13.htm 13A.05.05.13. 13 School Health Services Standards ― Implementation and Coordination.. A. The local school superintendent and the local health officer shall jointly require the development of a local school health council with assistance by the Maryland State School Health Council.B. The local school superintendent and the local health officer shall be jointly responsible for the implementation of Regulations .05―15 of this chapter.C. When medical direction is necessary, the design
13a.05.05.14.htm 13A.05.05.14. 14 School Health Services Standards ― Monitoring and Evaluation.. The Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health shall jointly develop, in collaboration with local boards of education and local health departments, a monitoring and evaluation component for school health programs that may include on-site reviews.
13a.05.05.15.htm 13A.05.05.15. 15 School Health Services Standards ― Confidentiality and Consent.. Issues of parental consent and confidentiality shall be administered in accordance with Health-General Article, §20-102, Annotated Code of Maryland, and COMAR 13A.08.02.
13a.05.05.9999.htm 13A.05.05.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 1, 1985 (12:13 Md. R. 1281). Regulations .01 and .02 amended effective February 23, 1987 (14:4 Md. R. 419). Regulations .03―05 adopted effective February 23, 1987 (14:4 Md. R. 419) ―. Chapter revised effective January 15, 1989 (15:27 Md. R. 3134). Regulation .01 amended effective December 1, 2008 (35:24 Md. R. 2079). Regulation .02A, B amended effective December 1, 2008 (35:24 Md. R. 2079).
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