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13a.05.04.00.htm 13A.05.04.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 05 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS Chapter 04 Programs for Library Media Services Authority: Education Article, §5-206 and Title 23, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.05.04.01.htm 13A.05.04.01. 01 Public School Library Programs.. A. Each local school system shall establish in each school a unified school library media program for the use of all students which shall include, but not be limited to:1) An organized and centrally managed collection of instructional materials and technologies;. 2) Instruction emphasizing information literacy skills integrated into all content areas;. 3) Appropriate materials and technologies to support the instructional prog
13a.05.04.02.htm 13A.05.04.02. 02 Librarians in County Public Libraries.. A. Each librarian employed by a county public library in Maryland shall hold a professional certificate issued by the State Superintendent.B. There shall be Professional Public Librarian Certification and Public Library Director Certification.1) Professional Public Librarian Certification.. a) An applicant for Public Librarian Certification shall have a master's degree from a library school accredited by the American Library Association.
13a.05.04.03.htm 13A.05.04.03. 03 Public Library Associate.. A. Definition. The public library associate provides support services requiring rudimentary knowledge of library service, the library collections, and the policies and regulations governing the library.B. Job Responsibilities.. 1) The library associate works under the direction of an experienced professional librarian.. 2) Examples of appropriate job responsibilities are:. a) Assisting library patrons in locating information through the library;.
13a.05.04.04.htm 13A.05.04.04. 04 Library Programs Involving Federal Funds.. The regulations for the acceptance and administration of federal funds for the further development of public library and cooperative library services as provided in Public Law 91-600, as amended, shall be those set forth in the Basic State Plan for the administration on the Library Services and Construction Act.
13a.05.04.05.htm 13A.05.04.05. 05 Special Library Services.. The Maryland State Library Agency shall provide library services to the blind and physically disabled. The Maryland State Library Agency shall receive and utilize the resources of federal agencies in accordance with policies governing these resources. It shall coordinate library service to the blind and physically disabled with those of public libraries and other educational institutions so as to provide an effective Statewide program. The servic
13a.05.04.06.htm 13A.05.04.06. 06 Free Public Library Services.. A. The board of public library trustees for each county, including Washington County and Baltimore City, shall develop and submit to the Maryland State Library Agency a statement of its policies relating to the provision of free library services to the public. Each statement shall state the board's policies with respect to:1) Limits to be placed on the amount of free services, such as limits on the number of books or other materials borrowed at o
13a.05.04.07.htm 13A.05.04.07. 07 Audits of County Public Libraries.. A. Audit Required. Each board of library trustees for a county public library shall have an audit made of its financial statements for each fiscal year.B. Qualifications and Approval of Auditor. The auditor shall meet the qualifications in COMAR 13A.02.07.04B. The director of the county public library shall submit to the State Librarian for approval, by May 1 of the fiscal year to be audited, the name of the auditor.C. Audit Standards and Re
13a.05.04.08.htm 13A.05.04.08. 08 County Library Capital Project Grants Program.. A. In this regulation, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "LLA" means local library agency or county library system.. 2) “MSL” means the Maryland State Library Agency.. 3) "Project completion" means:. a) Construction work has been completed in accordance with the contract documents;. b) The project architect has issued a certificate of completion;.
13a.05.04.9999.htm 13A.05.04.9999. Administrative History Effective date: April 3, 1964. Regulation .01 repealed and new Regulation .01 adopted effective July 28, 1986 (13:15 Md. R. 1735). Regulation .01 amended effective September 12, 1994 (21:18 Md. R. 1511) April 3, 2000 (27:6 Md. R. 643)Regulation .02 effective September 1, 1954. Regulation .02 repealed and new Regulation .02 adopted effective January 1, 1987 (13:24 Md. R. 2561). Regulation .02 amended effective November 8, 2004 (31:22 Md. R. 1596).
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