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13a.03.06.00.htm 13A.03.06.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 03 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS Chapter 06 Universal Design for Learning Authority: Education Article, §2-205(c) and (h) Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.03.06.01.htm 13A.03.06.01. 01 Purpose.. The purpose of this chapter is to promote the application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to maximize learning opportunities for students, including students with disabilities, students who are gifted and talented, and students who are English language learners, and guide local school systems in the development of curriculum, instructional planning, instructional delivery, material selection, and assessment.
13a.03.06.02.htm 13A.03.06.02. 02 Scope.. This chapter applies to local school systems that provide educational services to children, prekindergarten through grade 12.
13a.03.06.03.htm 13A.03.06.03. 03 Incorporation by Reference.. A framework of UDL principles and guidelines as set forth in モA Route for Every Learner, 2011ヤ is incorporated by reference.
13a.03.06.04.htm 13A.03.06.04. 04 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Materials” means the various media used by:. a) Educators to present and assess learning content; and. b) Students to demonstrate knowledge and skill.. 2) “Universal Design for Learning (UDL) means a research-based framework for curriculum design, that includes goals, methods, materials, and assessments to reduce barriers to learning by providing stu
13a.03.06.05.htm 13A.03.06.05. 05 Integration of UDL Guidelines and Principles.. A. Beginning in the 2013―2014 school year, using the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum in English and mathematics as a model, local school systems shall use UDL guidelines and principles, consistent with Regulation .03 of this chapter, in the development or revision of curriculum.B. Beginning in the 2014―2015 school year, local school systems shall use UDL guidelines and principles, consistent with Regulation .03 of this chapte
13a.03.06.06.htm 13A.03.06.06. 06 Criteria for Selection of Instructional Materials.. Local school systems shall select instructional materials that meet:. A. The accessibility requirements as described in COMAR 13A.05.02.13H as they pertain to technology-based instructional products; andB. The UDL guidelines, consistent with Regulation .03 of this chapter, in order to provide multiple options for:1) Representation, including:. a) Perception;. b) Language, mathematical expressions and symbols; and.
13a.03.06.07.htm 13A.03.06.07. 07 Certification Procedures.. A. Beginning with the 2014—2015 school year, local school system superintendents shall certify in writing to the State Superintendent of Schools that UDL principles and guidelines, consistent with Regulation .03 of this chapter, are used for ongoing curriculum development.B. Certification will be required every 3 years, thereafter..
13a.03.06.9999.htm 13A.03.06.9999. Administrative History Effective date: August 20, 2012 (39:16 Md. R. 1081).
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