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13a.03.02.00.htm 13A.03.02.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 03 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS Chapter 02 Graduation Requirements for Public High Schools in Maryland Authority: Education Article, §2-205, 7-203, 7-205, 7-205.1, and 8-404, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.03.02.01.htm 13A.03.02.01. 01 Scope.. A. This chapter sets out the enrollment, credit, student service, and State assessment requirements for graduation from a public high school in Maryland.B. It is the expectation of the State Board that each student enrolled in a public school system in Maryland shall earn a Maryland High School Diploma in accordance with the requirements set forth in this chapter.C. Upon notifying the State Superintendent of Schools, each local school system may establish gradua
13a.03.02.02.htm 13A.03.02.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Combined score" means the sum of specific scores as established by the Department on the Maryland High School Assessments for algebra, science, English, and government.2) "Credit" means successful demonstration of a specified unit of study.. 3) "Department" means the State Department of Education.. 4) “HSA” means the high school assessments in science and government aligne
13a.03.02.03.htm 13A.03.02.03. 03 Enrollment and Credit Requirements.. A. Beginning with students entering the 9th grade class of 2014―2015 school year, each student shall enroll in a mathematics course in each year of high school that the student attends, up to a maximum of 4 years of attendance, unless in the 5th or 6th year a mathematics course is needed to meet a graduation requirement.B. To be awarded a diploma, a student shall be enrolled in a Maryland public school system and shall
13a.03.02.04.htm 13A.03.02.04. 04 Other Provisions for Earning Credit.. A. In addition to earning credits during the regular school day and year, credits may be earned, at the discretion of the local school system, through the means specified in §B―I of this regulation.B. Summer School.. 1) Each local school system may provide summer school programs for original and review credit as determined by the needs of students.2) Credit instruction shall meet the aggregate time requirements specified
13a.03.02.05.htm 13A.03.02.05. 05 Student Service.. To graduate, students shall complete one of the following:. A. 75 hours of student service that includes preparation, action, and reflection components and that, at the discretion of the local school system, may begin during the middle grades; orB. A locally designed program in student service that has been approved by the State Superintendent of Schools.
13a.03.02.06.htm 13A.03.02.06. 06 Maryland High School Assessments.. A. A student shall take the requisite Maryland High School Assessment during its next regular administration if the student received credit for taking, by the methods identified in Regulations .03 and .04 of this chapter, any of the following courses aligned with the Maryland High School Assessment:1) Algebra;. 2) Science;. 3) English; or. 4) Government.. B. To be awarded the Maryland High School Diploma, all students, including
13a.03.02.07.htm 13A.03.02.07. 07 Notice to Parents or Guardians and Students.. Each principal shall inform all students and their parents or guardians annually at a minimum of the following:A. Maryland’s graduation requirements;. B. The student’s progress on fulfilling the credit, Maryland High School Assessment, service, and applicable IEP requirements for graduation;C. The results of each Maryland High School Assessment taken or Bridge Project completed by the student;
13a.03.02.08.htm 13A.03.02.08. 08 Grading and Reporting.. A. Each school system in Maryland shall recognize and accept any and all credits a student earned toward graduation in any other public school in Maryland.B. Each local school system shall develop a written policy on grading and reporting that complies with the student record requirements as set forth in COMAR 13A.08.02 and that includes:1) An explanation of the grading scale at the elementary and secondary levels;.
13a.03.02.09.htm 13A.03.02.09. 09 Diplomas and Certificates.. A. The types of diplomas and certificates specified in §B―D of this regulation shall be awarded to any student who meets the requirements for award.B. Maryland High School Diploma. Except as provided in Regulation .12 of this chapter, and in §C of this regulation, to be awarded a Maryland high school diploma, a student shall:1) Complete the enrollment, credit, and service requirements as specified in this chapter;.
13a.03.02.09-1.htm 13A.03.02.09-1. 09-1 Appeal of Denial of Diploma for Failure to Meet Maryland High School Assessment Requirement.. A. A school system shall notify each senior and the senior's parents or guardians on or before the end of February of the senior year if a student may not graduate. The notice shall explain:1) The reasons the student may not graduate;. 2) The options available to meet all graduation requirements;. 3) That a waiver of the Maryland High School Assessment graduation requirem
13a.03.02.10.htm 13A.03.02.10. 10 Alternatives to 4-year Enrollment Requirement.. A. In recognition of the fact that 4-year enrollment in a public high school may not serve the best interests of some students, the alternatives in §B and C of this regulation shall be made available.B. Early College Admission Program. A student may receive a Maryland High School Diploma through acceptance in the early college admission program, if:1) The student is accepted for early admission to an accredited college bef
13a.03.02.11.htm 13A.03.02.11. 11 Alternatives for Structuring Programs.. A. Each local school system shall be permitted to develop alternative ways for individual or groups of students to fulfill graduation requirements.B. An alternative plan may include a waiver of the fourth year enrollment requirement if all credit, assessments, and student service requirements are met and if the local superintendent of schools or designee determines that the waiver is in the best interest of the student.
13a.03.02.12.htm 13A.03.02.12. 12 General Provisions.. A. Length of School Year. Maryland public high schools shall be open for at least 180 school days and a minimum of 1,170 school hours during a 10-month period in each school year.B. Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students.. 1) Attendance Requirements.. a) To receive a diploma, a student shall be in attendance at a Maryland public high school one full semester immediately preceding graduation in addition to meeting the other diploma requirements.
13a.03.02.9999.htm 13A.03.02.9999. Administrative History Effective date: April 14, 1976 (3:8 Md. R. 427). Regulation .02B amended effective August 11, 1978 (5:16 Md. R. 1259) September 22, 1978 (5:19 Md. R. 1446) May 21, 1984 (11:10 Md. R. 864)Regulation .02C amended effective March 21, 1980 (7:6 Md. R. 609). Regulation .02D amended as an emergency provision effective February 10, 1982 (9:5 Md. R. 520) emergency status expired March 12, 1982Regulation .02D amended effective August 2, 1982 (9:15 Md. R. 1516) ―.
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