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13a.02.05.00.htm 13A.02.05.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 02 LOCAL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Chapter 05 Maintenance of Effort Authority: Education Article, §2-205 and 5-202, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.02.05.01.htm 13A.02.05.01. 01 Scope.. This chapter governs the nonrecurring cost exclusion to the maintenance of effort requirement for the receipt of the State's share of the foundation program as well as the process for obtaining a waiver from the maintenance of effort requirement.
13a.02.05.02.htm 13A.02.05.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Agreed on Waiver” means a waiver based on an agreement to reduce recurring costs pursuant to Education Article §5-202(d)9)2) "County" means the county governing body and includes the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City.3) "Department" means the State Department of Education.. 4) “Education effort” means a county’s appropriation to the local school sy
13a.02.05.03.htm 13A.02.05.03. 03 Nonrecurring Cost Exclusion.. A. Calculation.. 1) The calculation of the county's highest local appropriation to its school operating budget for the prior fiscal year shall exclude a qualifying nonrecurring cost that is supplemental to the regular school operating budget in accordance with the format developed by the Department.2) Qualifying nonrecurring costs shall be limited to:. a) Costs to establish new computer laboratories that include the cost for e
13a.02.05.04.htm 13A.02.05.04. 04 Waiver of Maintenance of Effort Requirement.. A. Waiver Requests.. 1) In order to qualify for a maintenance of effort waiver, a county shall make a request for a waiver in writing to the State Board of Education by the earlier of April 20 or the 7th day following the end of the legislative session of the fiscal year prior to the waiver year. The county shall send to the local board of education a copy of the waiver request.2) There are three types of waiver requests:.
13a.02.05.05.htm 13A.02.05.05. 05 Additional Maintenance of Effort for Low-Effort Counties.. A. Procedure.. 1) In each fiscal year in which a county’s prior year’s education effort is below 100 percent of the Statewide five-year moving average of education effort, the Department will designate the county as a low-effort county.2) The local board in a low-effort county shall adjust the maintenance of effort amount for the county by increasing the per-pupil amount by the lesser of:a) A county’s increase in
13a.02.05.9999.htm 13A.02.05.9999. Administrative History Effective date:. Regulations .01―03 adopted as an emergency provision effective November 8, 1996 (23:24 Md. R. 1679) ―Regulations .01―04 adopted effective March 24, 1997 (24:6 Md. R. 486). Regulation .01 amended effective June 30, 2008 (35:13 Md. R. 1180). Regulation .02B amended effective July 20, 2015 (42:14 Md. R. 881). Regulation .03B amended effective July 20, 2015 (42:14 Md. R. 881). Regulation .04 amended effective July 20, 2015 (42:14 Md. R. 881).
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