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COMAR Online is searchable and available at no charge. Specific sections of COMAR are available for purchase in an assembled, easy-to-read format. Please see the order forms CLICK HERE for information and prices, or call our Subscription Office at 410-260-3876 to order by phone.

Search Options for COMAR Online

Search Option 1. Search on a word or phrase, or enter the codification number
 (search is word specific unless you add an asterisk *)
Search Option 2. Search a specific Title
 (will search only that title for word or codification number)
Search Option 3. Access through Table of Contents Structure
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Search Options for Advisory Opinions Only:

Important Information:

   In August 2003, the State Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions were no longer printed in COMAR Title 19A, but are available ONLY as part of COMAR Online. They can be accessed or searched using all three of the below search options.
  Search Advisory Opinion - Option 1: (ex. 79.01)
  Search Advisory Opinion - Option 2: select Advisory Opinions link under 19A (which limits the results returned).
  Search Advisory Opinion - Option 3: Advisory Opinion's listed by year. This option will return the opinions in that year.

    Please note:
  • Maryland State agency regulations are compiled in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). COMAR contains 36 Titles, with each Title corresponding to a department or agency. Each regulation is assigned a unique four-part codification number.

Effective Dates:

  • COMAR regulations are effective to date.
  • COMAR is updated biweekly corresponding with the effective dates in the most current Maryland Register issue.

Official Text

Under State Government Article, §7-217, Annotated Code of Maryland, the printed version of COMAR is the official and enforceable text. Only the official text may be judicially noticed under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, §10-203 Annotated Code of Maryland.

Order Forms:

    Please note:
  • Regulations proposed but not yet adopted are published biweekly in the Maryland Register, available by print or electronic subscription from the Division of State Documents. Select the link above to go to the online version of the Maryland Register. Only the 3 most current issues of the Maryland Register are available online for viewing.

    Please note:
  • Regulations appear individually and not as part of the larger chapter designation. You MUST open each regulation individually and hit the back button on your browser to review the next regulation in that chapter. Excerpts of each regulation have been provided in the search results to better assist you.

Assistance and Email Information:
For HELP DESK FAQ regarding COMAR Online, click here for specific help with this website. To receive help on matters not covered in the help text, call or email
(410) 260-3872 (800) 633-9657 ext. 3872 or
Email us at: for questions regarding COMAR Online ONLY.